Instructional Routines & Practices Instructional Routines & Practices

About Instructional Routines & Practices

The TRG instructional routines and practices section includes detailed descriptions, protocols, and classroom management considerations for the instructional routines and practices in KIPP Wheatley. Teachers can use the instructional routines and practices to:

  • Plan details for specific classroom routines and protocols, such as popcorn, choral reading, painted essay, or using selected response questions.
  • Plan to incorporate general aspects of instruction, such as wait time and effective questioning techniques.
  • Understand the research behind important learning issues, such as fluency.

How to Use the Instructional Routines and Practices

When internalizing a lesson, identify the suggested instructional routines. Scan the TRG to understand best practices for these routines. Incorporate them into the lesson, adapt them for your students, or replace them with other instructional approaches.

Teacher helping students