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About Language/Vocabulary Mini-lessons

The TRG includes vocabulary mini-lessons from previous editions of KIPP Wheatley lessons. The mini-lessons apply to specific texts, but teachers can adapt the mini-lessons to other texts or even other grades. They address language standards L.4 and L.5, which are the standards with greatest focus on vocabulary as it applies to reading.

Each mini-lesson has a learning objective and instruction that leads from that objective to an exit ticket, using familiar headings such as DIRECT INSTRUCTION and PRACTICE. Lessons include an opportunity to check progress and reteach. Teachers should be able to present a mini-lesson in 5–7 minutes.

Teacher reads to students

How to Use the Vocabulary Skill Mini-lessons


Use the vocabulary mini-lessons as needed to support your students’ language and vocabulary needs:

  • During pause points to integrate vocabulary instruction into the modules.
  • During lessons with the related text to support students’ reading comprehension.
  • During any lesson where word-solving is needed to provide portable strategies.
  • Over time, to build students’ comfort with defining unknown or unfamiliar words as they read, and to reinforce the strategies they need to succeed at this process.
  • To reinforce students’ capacity with a particular vocabulary skill or to support their understanding of a particular type of word.